Angelica Arsan

The Greeting Party

“Not so bad for a first time,” says Tony with a smirk on his face. He takes a drag off his cigarette; tilts his head to blow the smoke. He comes closer and whispers in my ear: “You’re a fast learner, Angie. Young and smart and sexy. Just perfect for this job. The world is yours babe… and now the sky, too.”

“Oh, thank you so much Captain Tony. I felt so… you know… insecure.”

“Don’t be. We’re all friends, here. Kind of a family. You’ll see.”

Captain Tony is a handsome forty-something guy, blond and tanned with bright blue eyes. His hand lingers on my shoulder as I gaze out through the glass wall of the terminal. Planes are landing on the sunny airstrip; others will soon take off. I pretend to ignore the slow, inexorable movement of his thick fingers, already tickling the straps of my bra. All I can think right now is God, I’ve made it. I’ve fucking made it. I’m a hostess. No more being broke, no more sharing a filthy dump with schoolmates, no more dating nobodies from nowhere. I’m going to…

“Here you are, naughty guys!”

Reluctantly, Tony’s fingers give up their exploration of my anatomy. The rest of the crew joins us after having raided the nearest kiosk, hands full of takeaway coffee cups and muffins. Sammy, the only (gay) male and co-pilot, has stuffed his mouth like a hamster and keeps munching on a doughnut while staring at me. I stare back. Ooh, the little twerp must be jealous.

Tony claps his hands: “Okay, time to go now. We’ll be at the hotel in ten minutes. Shit, I’m dying to get a drink and a steam…”

He doesn’t miss the chance to encircle my waist as we walk through the staff-only exit. By the time we’ve left the crowded terminal — out into the Mediterranean sunshine — his hand is placidly resting on my ass.


The room I share with Melissa is quite comfortable, with a cream-coloured carpeted floor and a huge shower. As soon as I close the door behind us, she throws herself onto the closest bed and flings her shoes across the room.

“Aaaah, holy shit… it’s over. Away with these rags. I feel the eyes of those bastards plastered on my ass for hours after work. You know what I mean, don’t you? You really are a knockout in uniform, Angie.”

I smile, looking at my reflection in the mirror. You bet I am, I think to myself. Slender figure, fierce dark eyes, pert breasts pouting from beneath the company blouse. I glance at Melissa’s reflection and notice that she’s staring at me, propped up on the bed, swinging one crossed leg in my direction. I slowly start to unbutton my blouse, keeping eye contact with her.

“So, darling. You’re very young, aren’t you?”


“Twenty-two,” she sighs. “A nice age… one feels like experimenting. On the other hand, one already has enough experience to know how to have fun, right?”

“I guess so,” I shrug. I let my blouse fall and I turn to face her, my bra now exposed to her gaze. I feel her eyes running over my skin just like invisible hands.

Mel. Green eyes, red hair, lovely face — a perfect Irish type in her early thirties. She’s sexy as hell with her milky skin and her slightly freckled nose. Her lips part almost imperceptibly as I make a few steps toward her, asking her for help.

I turn my back to her then, feeling her fingers unhook me. Her nails send shivers down my spine. I close my eyes, sighing in delight as the black bra falls at my feet.

“This job is tough, you know. Exhausting, more often than not. Be pretty, be nice, smile and let the filthy bastards squeeze your ass up and down the aisle. We all need an off-duty outlet, to loosen up a bit…”

She reaches down, caressing my belly from behind, her fingers playing over my navel. I turn to face her then, feeling strange. Dizzy. I feel the sudden impulse to shove her down, pull my black thong to the side, and push her face against my cunt right then and there. To finally release today’s tension. No doubt Melissa knows what I’m thinking, because the tips of her fingers are slipping downward now, prying at the edge of my panties.

“You’re part of it now, Angie. You’re going to have your share of fun.” She settles back down onto the bed. “Only one rule: Keep our secrets… and we’ll keep yours.”

I’m stroking her silky red hair as she kneels on all fours before me. Her face is so close that I can feel her warm breath on my cunt. A wave of lust is mounting inside, intoxicating me, driving me wild with desire. I’m thinking, oh fuck… Just do it, you sexy bitch! Do it or I’ll go insane!

“Good girl,” she murmurs low, still playing with the lace of my thong. “I feel we’ll get along quite well, honey. Just you wait and see…”

Oh Christ. I’m fucking melting…

“Well, let’s get ready for your greeting party!” she abruptly exclaims, jumping up and slapping my ass. “What are you going to wear? Something sexy, of course. Captain Tony will look like the Godfather’s Californian grandson, as usual, and Sammy… oh, Sammy found Boy George’s outfits in some Chelsea trash bin while whoring for a fish and chips dinner. But we girls are going to look just stunning tonight!“

“Crews don’t waste their free hours,” she continues, walking over to the mirror. “What else do they have, after all? Plus, this is your first time. Tonight we’re all yours…”

I’m still so hot and bothered that it takes me what feels like ages to answer. I mutter something about a short black dress. Actually, I’m not even sure that I have such a dress; all I know is that this fucking bitch has left me utterly dripping with lust.

“That’s divine, darling,” she replies. “As for me, my hair requires green. Absolutely.” She studies her face in the mirror, letting her copper-coloured locks fall upon her shoulders. “Sarah and Claire must be already at work on their hair. Leave yours like that, by the way. The unkempt look is unbearably sexy, you know.”

She winks at my reflection. I smile and poke out my tongue at hers.


The place is the coolest club in the city: 80s-inspired atmosphere, classy trance played by top DJs, crowded with wannabe models and talent scouts looking for an easy blowjob in a toilet stall. We’re sitting in a corner in the back of the club, watching Sarah dancing with a guy under the lights of the dance floor. As for Sammy, he’d disappeared with some high-school kid an hour ago. “Southern Sun” by Paul Oakenfeld is blaring all around us. Tony, who’s wearing a tuxedo and expensive Italian shoes, keeps filling our glasses with Dom Pérignon. He’s sitting like a king between Melissa and me, his hands resting on our shoulders. Needless to say he’s already drunk.

I’m talking with Claire, this impossibly beautiful blonde of twenty-five who’s admiring my black and gold Versace dress. I had to save money for six months to buy it, but I keep such nice trivia for myself.

“How long have you been crewing?” I ask her.

“Well, I mean, it’s only been two years. But, I mean, I’ve already had enough. I mean, this job is so fucking exhausting, isn’t it? I mean, of course you don’t know yet, but, well, what I mean is that…”

As she keeps I-meaning beneath the mercifully deafening music, I glance down at her cleavage, where a golden pendant dangles between her small breasts. I’d love to take those tiny little nipples in my hungry mouth, sweety… and then… Shit, Angie, pull yourself together!

After a while, Claire gets up and heads for the restroom (“I mean, to check my makeup”). Melissa takes her place beside me, gorgeous in her emerald green dress and glittering jewellery. She gives my knee a squeeze.

“So, what do you think? A good compensation, isn’t it? Crew girls’ Dolce Vita.”

“Yes, and I bet this is only the tip of the iceberg.” I entangle my fingers with hers. We both have blood-red nails, long and sharp like talons.

“I like you, Angie. You seem to know what you want. I was like you when I first started crewing, ten years ago. Still am, to a certain extent. I still know where to take my pleasure… and how.”

Her hand goes further up my thigh, and I part my knees to allow more access. Melissa pretends not to notice my fevered reaction to her touch. I’m not wearing any stockings, and her fingertips are setting my skin on fire. She slips up under the hem of my dress, her nails gently scratching my thigh.

“Crews can reach a high level of… intimacy, Angie. It’s all up to you though. So I ask you: how far do you want to go? Feel free to back off if things go a bit… too far for you. Okay?”

“What do you mean by ‘too far’?” I ask, staring at her luscious lips. I’m dying to kiss you, Mel. I’m dying to feel our tongues entangled… She leans in, giving me a whiff of her Chanel-scented neck, and whispers in my ear:

“I still don’t know what ‘too far’ means, Angie. Hence the problem.”

We look into each other’s eyes as our lips begin to touch. It’s not a kiss. It’s more like a sweet caress sending spasms of pure bliss through my body.

“Later,” she says, nodding over at Tony. He’s snoring half-conscious on the sofa. As R. Miles’ “One and One” starts playing, her fingers are already tracing the lips of my wet, quivering pussy. Somehow she’d known I wasn’t wearing anything beneath my dress.


Back at the hotel, Tony goes directly to the bar to get more booze before joining us up in his room.

The elevator doors open on our floor, where we catch Sammy struggling with the key to his room. He slurs something that sounds like “Goodnight, filthy whores” as we pass him in the hall. Rounding the corner up ahead, Sarah and Claire start giggling like a pair of teenage girls, gossiping over a schoolmate’s first fuck. Mel and I don’t even bother with them, proceeding directly to Tony’s room at the end of the hall.

We begin making out before the door even closes behind us. I’m devouring those red lips, savouring the sweet flavour of her lipstick. Our kissing grows deeper and depeer, to the point where I must wrap my arms around her neck to avoid reeling back.

She’s got me undressed in a heartbeat, tossing my dress on the floor before whipping off her own in a single swift movement.

“How many girls have you undressed in hotel rooms?” I laugh, breathless.

“More than I can remember, darling”, she replies, pushing me down onto the bed.

I’m lying on my back now, naked, watching as Mel slips out of her underthings. How fucking beautiful she is, I think to myself. She looks ten years younger, at the very least. Next thing I know, she’s lying by my side, holding me tight by the ass.

“Do you think he’ll find his way to the room?” I ask. “He was so wasted, he could barely remember his name…”

“Oh, don’t worry. He loves having two girls at once. Besides that, he can’t resist you.” She giggles. “And neither I can,” she adds, with a kiss.

“Have you got any condoms?” I ask.

“In my purse. Now, before Tony comes…” Moments later, her fingers slip in my dripping wet cunt. I moan loudly in ecstasy, but my voice is muffled by her mouth. Soon she climbs on top of me, pinning me down, fingers thrusting into me as she sucks and bites at my neck. Withdrawing one finger and sliding it up my ass, I can control myself no longer. I’m coming as I’m crying out: “Don’t stop oh Christ don’t stop!” when the door suddenly opens.

In steps Tony with a bottle of wine.

“Well,” he says, “you should have waited for the Captain, you little sluts. But please, don’t stop now on my account…” He unzips his fly and undresses, flopping down in an armchair with the already half-empty bottle. He’s got a sizable hard-on, despite the heroic amount of booze he’s consumed this evening.

I roll over on top of Mel then, excited by the prospect of an audience.

I spread her wide and begin licking up and down her inner thighs, until I can no longer resist her pussy, feasting on it as I push my tongue inside as deep as it can go. God, she tastes so good… I’m utterly lost between her legs, my entire face covered in her sweet juices.

It is then that I feel Tony behind me, his pulsing hard cock probing at my upturned ass, preparing for entry.

“Wait,” I say, “grab a condom. They’re in…”

He doesn’t seem interested.

“Hate those things,” he says, “I want to feel myself inside a woman…”

I almost faint as he shoves it in, he’s so big. He’s pushing harder and harder, enjoying every inch of me. I’m screaming but he carries on fucking me until tears are streaming down my face. He’s holding me by the waist, spanking my ass like the little fuck toy that I am for him. I’m coming now, fast and hard, waves of ecstasy surging through me as my tongue plunges in and out of Melissa’s cunt.

And then all at once, he tenses up, coming right there inside me.

“You bastard!” I gasp, as he throws me off to the side. My heart is literally thumping through my chest, my cunt still writhing in pleasure as Melissa strokes my hair.

“That was pretty nice,” Tony says, “but we’ve only just begun…”

“Put on that damned thing this time, you moron,” she says. “It’s in my purse…”

I sit on her face and she licks me while Tony jerks himself hard again before us. He rolls the condom on and prepares to mount Melissa, who is now really making me scream, eating me alive until I’m overwhelmed by my second orgasm. She’s fingering her clit, shuddering with anticipation as she waits for Tony to fuck her.

Turns out it’s a no-go. Tony sprawls on the bed beside her, his erection having completely vanished. He laughs, not the least bit embarrassed by the debacle. “Well, maybe it will take longer this time, pretty girls…” he says.

This fucking idiot is simply too drunk to fuck, and yet I lean forward to suck him anyway, feeling that I owe Melissa. He moans as I lick the long shaft of his cock.

“Oh Angie, you dirty little bitch. You drive me crazy, you fucking… little…” He doesn’t even finish his sentence, falling fast asleep as Melissa bursts out swearing.

“Wake up, you dirty bastard! Wake up YOU FUCKING DIRTY BASTARD! WAKE THE FUCK UP AND FUCK ME!” I’m trying to calm her down before someone calls the desk, but Mel is slapping his face now with all her might, screaming like a magpie. Finally she jumps up off the bed, fighting back tears as she gathers her shit. The door slams hard behind her.

I find myself sitting there with Captain Tony, drunk out of his head, the useless condom still clinging to his even more useless prick. Shit.

Then I can’t help it — I suddenly burst out laughing. I laugh until my stomach hurts and tears roll down my cheeks.

Welcome aboard, Angie.

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