Ben John Smith

Say you will remember me

I always wrote poems
But I never told anyone
That I wrote poems
But one time when I was
11 I drank half my mum’s
Bottle of port while I babysat
My baby sister
And I told the hot chick who
Lived next door to me
That I wrote poems
And showed her my note pad
Of love poems
Because I wanted her to
fall in love with me but she
Just she just comforted me and
Said her boyfriend
Wrote poems too
But he was strung out
On heroin and I was just an
11 year old kid
Drunk on port
Listening to Micheal Jackson
And Paul McCartney records
He could have kicked my ass
If he knew I was hitting on his
Woman but he got jumped
By some wog kids
At a playground near
My house and
They cut him up pretty bad
And poetry never got
Me laid
But it has always ever
Since made me feel
Like a little kid
In a world full of
Real motherfuckers

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