Jay Passer

First Things First

so whatever it is
it’s getting closer
and it’s the middle of the night
3 am or 4
or whatever it’s called
when it’s
a call to action

it’s the utility trucks
the recycling trucks
the garbage trucks

it’s special ops
black ops
they’ve found out
I hate them
and the plans that I made
while under the scrutiny
of dreaming
are inscrutable

I am always in pain
because I get so drunk
so I can sleep
through the noisy nonsense
and palliative of dawn

the veil of vodka

In the morning
I call to say I’m
or otherwise
injure myself

how’s that
for a laugh
any old guy who’d
steal your
ought to know better

first things first
let’s stick with
I met you
at the bar


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