Johnny Scarlotti

Highway 16

She claws his face
and reaches over his lap
to unlock her door
through the master control
and he almost swerves off the road into a tree

He’s forced to slow it down
He tries to punch her unconscious in the process
But she gets it unlocked
and lunges out of the car
while he’s still going at least 30 mph

He looks back and watches her hit the ground
Like a cigarette
Saw her orange heels flipping about
Like embers on the blacktop

This isn’t the way it was supposed to go
Shit. He turns the car around
Sees her staggering barefoot
Into the dark forest

He pulls the car over
gets out
and goes in after her

2 thoughts on “Johnny Scarlotti

  1. Sheesh. How, how on earth did you know what’s going on in my own life right now, that you could so capably paint it on the page for all to read? Superb. You rock.

    Liked by 1 person

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