Jay Passer

There Is Only One Color

put your finger in it
like a shark-toothed gingerbread house
get out on the street
despite the conspicuous absence
of French Symbolist poets
plant a seed,
quit buying crap you don’t need
chant: one plate, one fork, one cup, one spoon
give the rest away, gratis
surrender your wants
to the impoverished indigence
use a laser beam to cut squares from the sky
to let down the stars, to lay waste
to the hive-like inhuman consciousness
bent on ensnaring, enslaving
the free spirit of creative forces,
to shatter and shove black reptilian oaths
vowed in penthouse palaces
back up their vile asses
take it back
channel the anarchy born of the free womb
there is only one color
hotly coursing beneath the skin
uniting us all
it is wine, the chianti of love
it is blood
it is ours


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