Aneka Brunssen

3 Seconds to Anal

I’m listening to the only
Heartbeat left in the room,
Guiding the movement
Of the elitists, slithering to safety.

I’m just a piece of contentment
To a drifter in a tent
To a dead lion
In a czar’s living room
To a horny guru
Teaching bible studies.

The two lines in my vows to myself
A one liner about the tightness of my pussy
And a quote by some random
Philosopher, I once heard mention something trivial
Like “time is of the essence”.

I have four crumbs left
And I will eat them all
Because you called me on my bullshit
In 2001, when I wasn’t ready
To have my cherry popped
By a machine that
Hadn’t even been invented yet.

Tell me you think I’m pretty
And we go from “hello” to anal in 3 seconds.

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