Craig Scott

Daddy’s Little Girl

Leila was my blonde bombshell
tight, tan & horny all the time
she would wrap her legs around my waist
& tell me how she wanted to fuck her father
as I pinned her against the wall
& slammed it home
it was so wrong, but when I was
balls deep it sounded so right
she called me daddy, I called her my baby girl
I took pictures of her riding my dick
choking on it, wearing my cum
Leila posted them on a website
I read her the comments while she
rubbed her pussy with my rod
“dam gurl ur hot”
“I have some serious dick envy”
“u wanna try chocolat, slut”
“more pics please”
sometimes dreams do come true
her father passed out drunk
on the kitchen floor one night
Leila undid his pants & stroked his rager
he woke up, didn’t stop her

last I heard they moved to Arkansas

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