B. Diehl

Awkward/Preteen Lust at a Trailer Park Near Nazarath, PA

Lying together
on a haystack in the sun ––
when she slid her tongue
into my mouth,
I immediately started
feeling like a lost needle.
I had never made out
with someone before.
I tried writing my name
with my tongue. I tried
making triangles,
awkward circles.
Behind her
neighbor’s trailer,
wide-eyed and kissing,
I watched a skinny crow
land on a nearby barn.
I heard wind chimes.
I heard cornstalks caressing
each other
in the end-of-summer wind.
I couldn’t sense any romance.
She started giving
my partial boner
an over-the-pants rub, and I
thought her redneck dad
was going to run outside
and murder me with a pitchfork.
When my parents pulled up
to get me, she brushed
the hay from the sleeves
of my hoodie and whispered,
“I’m going to give you
a blowjob next time.”
I got in the car and never came back.



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