Chas Ray Krider


Now Available from Goliath Books, Berlin.
A must have for every erotic library, PUSSY & BUTT, including 16 photos from one of our favorites – the phenomenal Chas Ray Krider.

Special Premium Photo Edition. Over 300 nude photos taken by several photographers on which the prettiest girls uninhibitedly and uncensored display their two most beautiful sides: the pussy and the butt.



Isola Augustpussy_butts_erin_s

Bobbi Bamf

Chas Ray Krider’s photographs are part of a tradition of erotic art that employs exaggeration, mystery and the guilty pleasures of voyeurism. His photographs are about the forms employed in narrative based erotic art as contrasted with erotica crafted for mere lasciviousness. Chas Ray’s work concerns the art of presentation, the mystery of anticipation, and the universal human curiosity about sexuality.

Chas Ray is based in Columbus, Ohio. When asked why he lives there, his reply is “I don’t. I live in my imagination.”

Krider’s work is available for exhibtion, assignment and stock. For information on limited edtion prints contact:

For current updates on Chas Ray’s work and activities, visit his blog and Facebook page. Chas can also be found on tumblr and instagram.

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