Johnny Scarlotti

Can’t Stop

we made blood angels
on the linoleum

when we cut each other
it’s contained

but tonight
we got drunk
and did some other stuff
and one thing
led to another

and now we’re bleeding
all over the place



aww, it feels so good

“ok we should stop now”
I say

she jokes
“i don’t think I can stop”

I joke back
“haha me either”

she says
“i wasn’t joking”

I say
you don’t really want to die
do you?”

she says
but I’ve always wanted
to kill someone”

I say

she slits my throat

I say

blood sprays
I hold my throat

I try to run but

she stabs me in the back
and I fall to my knees

she’s about to
give me one last stab

but I pull out
my little revolver
from my ankle

shoot myself in the head


didn’t want to give her
the satisfaction

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