damion snow


hey baby did you bring the lube
i said and she cums in through the front door
with a walmart bag with condoms and
lube and she is wearing sunglassesyes i bought the fucking lube

i opened the bag
but couldn’t find any produce

baby did you get any carrots

she’s wearing a trench coat
and she ignores my questions
i follow her into the living room

why didn’t you get any celery sticks baby

she stops and turns towards me

what about ass play baby, what
are we supposed to do now
i really wanted you to put
one of those japanese eggplants
in my hiney again

she unbuttons her trench coat
and duct taped to the inside is
bushels and bushels of bananas

a fruit bush for my fruit boy
she says

oh wow baby you’re the best I say
and then she gives me a banana split

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