Robert Ragan

It’s Only Art

Life gives us the rope
The world gives us the rope
These powers that be
Wait for us to hang ourselves

We deface your murals
Says the shady performance artist
who burns himself with lit cigarettes

He inflicts this pain physically
For all the pain he’s endured emotionally

Before his tormentor
This lost soul sticks the glowing cherry to his arm
This is for the time you fucked a total stranger
in your car

Lighting the cigarette again
He raises his head and sticks it to his throat

The woman starts to cry
She begs him to stop

He laughs and says
That was for the time I caught you in bed
with those two masked men
He calls her a promiscuous demon

The burning continues as well as the stories
behind the pain
He says we’ll black out your eyes
before the camera stops filming

Covered in oozing blisters afterward
He asks the woman he paid to do this
Would you like to go out and have a few drinks
She says No then walks out of the room

Alone, he lights another cigarette
Laughing, he puts it out on his forehead

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