James D. Casey IV

Hangover Shits

There’s nothing like the hangover shits.
Anyone that’s ever had a heavy night of
drinking and “painting the town red” knows
that in the morning you’re usually painting
the toilet brown, or in tie-dye if you were
mixing your alcohol. A foamy bubbly mess
that smells like the night before’s party and
makes you want to vomit at the thought of
having another drop of the swill, but you damn
well know there’s another drunken night just
around the bend. Especially if you’re in your
twenties. Feeling ten foot tall and bulletproof.
The older you get the more coercing it takes to
tie one on. Yet no matter how many times you
tell yourself you’ll only have a couple of drinks
you usually end up naked at three a.m. on the
living room floor trying to shovel cold breakfast
food from the local greasy spoon into your mouth
before passing out, after singing karaoke and doing
some crazy pirate shit you won’t remember when
you finally wake up the next day dehydrated with
those damn hangover shits again!

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