India LaPlace

Poetry Boys

They’ll reel you in
With their carefully spun
Words that read like music
And make you swoon.
They really know how
To string those words
But often only on
The printed page.

They’ll make you blush
With those smiles
And that spark
In their eyes.
You’ll fall for how
They watch you,
Almost animal-like.
It feels primal,

It is not.

The truth is
That poetry boys
Spin words upon the page
Because those same words
Get stuck in their throats.
They smile those smiles
And wink those winks,
Making you weak
With their words,
Words (and hopes of sex)
Upon the page.

And the sex
Might be good.
It might be,
Until it’s not.

And sex without feeling,
Sex without laughter,
Sex that’s just sex
With no jokes
Or conversation,
Or just sitting quietly
In each other’s
It gets old
After a while.

There are exceptions,
And there are men
Who write poetry
Who aren’t
Poor little
Poetry boys.
But those men are
And those men aren’t
They don’t slide into
Your messages

“I’m drunk.”

“I’m horny.”

“My wife/girlfriend
Doesn’t love me

They play up their sob stories,
How unfair their lives
Have been.
How things didn’t turn out
The way their dreams
They never chased,
Never worked for
Didn’t either.

So one bit of advice
When it comes to poetry,
Whether finding it in
Through friends,
Or online,
Is don’t fall
For those
Poetry boys

Unless all you want is
Another lazy lover
Who whines to
Younger girls
On Instagram.

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