Cassandra Dallett

I Know I’m Addicted

I collect boys
like pairs of shoes
fucking one while texting another
I’m not slutty or desperate
I’m just a realist.
I know that none of them could hold my interest
if they didn’t play off each other like that.
None could talk of the prison industrial complex,
the evils of microwaves, the importance of reading,

start up my weedwacker,

and make me want to call him Daddy
while bent over,
streaming wet head
bumping granite walls.
These guys
don’t come in the same package.
The wise man Chris Rock once said
“You’re not going to find a guy who listens to Wu-Tang
and watches Seinfeld”
and I laughed cause I had one,
actually his dick was too small
and he was inherently
to the bone.

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