Jimmy Beard

Motherfucking Zombies

The rotting bastards broke holes in the door just as I was finally getting to fuck Cindy Martin. She’d always told me she wouldn’t fuck me even if I was the last guy on Earth. Well, saving her from those flesh-eating assholes must have counted for something in that moment, because she wasted no time at all in dragging me into the back room of the safe house, where she proceeded to climb me like a jungle gym.

She was already rocking on my hard member, full tits bouncing in my face, when I first heard the thumping against the barricade we’d thrown up. The moans of the undead mingled together with those of Cindy, who wasn’t stopping for anything.

The first shotgun blast was deafening within the confines of the small room, splattering blood and rotten flesh. Cindy cried out, but it wasn’t in surprise.

“Die you shambling fucks!”

I shifted slightly so that I could see the door behind her, several sets of gray, decomposing arms reaching through the holes in our defence. One of them had poor Sarah by the hair.

“Don’t come,” Cindy breathed, feeling my sense of urgency. “Not yet…”

Meanwhile, those tits of hers continued to batter me in my face. To pace myself, I divided my attention between her smokin’ hot bod and Sarah, whose face was slowly being torn from her skull. I swear, her desperate, high-pitched screams were the only thing keeping me from blowing my load right then and there.

Another shotgun blast rang out as a pair of undead arms vanished in a mist of blood. Unfortunately for Sarah, however, they were instantly replaced by more. With a sickening tearing sound that could be heard over the wet slapping of Cindy’s crotch against my hips, Sarah’s half-peeled face finally gave way.

Her lidless eyes darted around frantically, her tongue lolling out amid gurgling torrents of blood. Nevertheless, she continued to beat and claw at the hands still grasping her bloody mound of a head. As still more arms shot through the holes on either side of her, those who’d been trying to help her were finally forced to take a step back, aghast at the grotesquery she’d become.

Cindy laid her hands upon my chest and pushed down hard, riding me like a wild stallion. I had never known sex could be like this before.

“Oh, God, fuck yeah,” Cindy moaned. “If I’d only known, I woulda fucked you a looong time ago…”

Meanwhile, what remained of Sarah’s head maintained its gurgling noises as the zombies fought over her freshly harvested face. Ripping through the skin and muscle until the gristle of her collarbone had been exposed, another pair of hands got hold of her flabby tits, tearing them both clean off of her body. Stark white ribs poked through the dripping globs of bloody fat and shredded muscle as they slowly pulled her apart.

Sitting upright, Cindy grabbed my hands and placed them on her hips. “Fuck me harder,” she demanded through clenched teeth, fingering her clit with one hand while tweaking her nipples with the other. With each of her downward thrusts, I ground my own hips upward, meeting her with everything I had. I couldn’t believe how deep I was in that pussy, and in Cindy Martin’s of all people.

As the zombies got a better grip on Sarah, it wasn’t long before they’d dug into her ribs, opening up her chest with a series of sickening snaps. Her heart and one lung spilled forth from her destroyed ribcage, the remaining lung left dangling from a shredded bronchial tube.

Cindy humped me even harder still. Her cries of ecstasy mixed with the cries of horror from the other survivors, fingering herself with lightning speed as she finally began to climax. It had been building for us both since the start, and nothing was going to stop it now.

When Sarah’s lower half finally separated from her throughly demolished torso, her intestines spilled out onto the floor in a great big sloppy heap. A groping zombie reached beneath the gap under the door and, accompanied by a brisk whooshing sound, swiftly sucked her guts into the other room.


With a muscle-clenching, teeth-grinding, eyeball-popping orgasm, I busted my nut deep up in Cindy at last.

Sarah’s legs kicked out the last of their life as several  unidentified organs quivered in the puddle of blood, piss, and shit slowly spreading out from her carcass.

On the other side of the door, the zombies finally shambled off, having slaked their hunger for now.

In the back room of the safe house, Cindy finally fell against me, having satisfied her lust for now.

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