Martin Appleby

Why Would You Like to Work For Our Company?

It is all down to the fact that I have
a constant, pressing need
to pay my rent and bills
and to eat a decent meal every night
and ideally have enough spare cash
to buy the odd book
or go to a gig
or even take the occasional holiday
and once in a while
(All too often if I am being honest)
get absolutely shit faced
and maybe even
buy some recreational drugs
(which, as I am sure you’re aware, are not cheap)

You see
I have no real desire
to work for your company in particular

but the capitalist society that we live in
dictates that I give away
a certain amount of my time
in exchange for monetary remuneration
and your company
seems as good as any other
But that probably wasn’t
the answer you were looking for was it?

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