Life in The Fast Lane: Snail Vixen


Life in The Fast Lane: Snail Vixen
By Casey Renee Kiser



I rise
from this game show garden
Only cheaters get watered here
I seem to be the only thing

I have invaded the faeries’
but cannot absorb it-
They can keep that
The flowers here are fake,
depending on your brand of sunglasses
All the ‘cool’ fireflies gather
at your third eye,

I’m slow
but I’m gangster
I have risen
and I’m getting the fuck outta here
where paper planes fly
and people still nap
under trees




every time I see James Franco
I get bromance crabs.
Fuck James Franco.
Every time he smiles,
a Cheshire cat takes a shit.
Fuck James Franco
and his pineapple express-dick face.
I had a nightmare
that James Franco also wrote poetry.

From Snail Vixen and the Crystal Garden



Yes, James Franco is pretty. But there are surely more intriguing whores out there.
Maybe that’s true. Maybe not.

But one thing is for sure… This book really has nothing to do with Franco.

The Crystal Garden, like Wonderland, is a place where nothing makes much sense.
Or does it??

Depends on which way you decide to go. Never mind the cat. It’s there to confuse you.

My name is Crystal. Join me for a strange and unapologetic trip through the poetry garden.
Is it a dream? Or a nightmare? Depends on you. Actually, it could be a party.
After all, James Franco is there.




Photo credit: Jasmyn Taylor Givens

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HSTQ: Spring 2019

HSTQ Spring 2019

horror, adj.
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sleaze, adj.
contemptibly low, mean, or disreputable

trash, n.
literary or artistic material of poor or inferior quality

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