Thumper Devotchka


We take a break,
or more so,
you take a break
from me.
And I pretend
to be more patient
then I actually
will be.

We’re on a break,
and I feel pretty
broken up
about it.

Separate rooms,
separate minds,
and separate paths.

If I could date my twin,
I would,
but I wouldn’t really.
I’m an awful selfish thing,
and I’d need
a whole lot more
than she could give.

Give you back
all the pedestals
you’re always falling off of.
If only I’d have known better,
I could have helped
you down.

We’re on a break,
and my crown of thorns
is breaking.
I was certain
I was meant
to be a martyr,
and then you went
and died for
my sins.

Restart, begin.
Rewind the time
I once fucked/
was fucked
by him.

My headrush,
my head spins.
Ran out of papers,
outran my old skins.

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