i hate tinder

hopeless romantic,
emphasis on hopeless

freak (the kind you throw rocks at)
functional paranoiac
equal opportunity addict
freak (the other kind)

unread books,
unfinished thoughts,
and untapped potential

my room is less cluttered than my mind,
which would be horrifying,
but you’ve never see my room
and probably never will

if you’re smart enough to interest me,
you’re smart enough to avoid me

weirder than you think I am

i like my women like i like my poetry:
dark, cynical, clearly indicative of emotional difficulty,
fast, half-baked, impossible for me to forget,
temporarily all-consuming and then
permanently distant

too depressed to sleep

sometimes i wear long sleeves
regardless of the temperature
because i want as little of myself
exposed to the world as possible

Inevitably, i roll my sleeves up.

i also wear black
regardless of the temperature,
but that’s because i hate everything

let’s get blazed, lay down,
and listen to post-hardcore,
maybe cuddle

violent, but only in mosh pits and video games
stupid, but only about emotions and rocket science
asshole, but only to my closest friends and internet strangers

just on here to be ignored a little more than usual

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