Scott Simmons

Fuck Politics

An angry woman complained to me
about the guns that I like jerking off to
As well as the porn that I love to shoot
with my friends

Or maybe it was the other way around
I truly can’t recall

We had a civil political debate
or at least so I thought
as her yelling was really
quite sexy

I just nodded and occasionally
tried to explain a different perspective

Her lack of knowledge about porn and small explosives
deeply saddened me

And she must have misinterpreted my words
as some kind of display of sexual prowess as well
for she told me “fuck you and your redneck friends”

She seamed like an honest person
so I unzipped my pants
and I was ready for her

Yet she never did fuck me
or any of my friends
nor did she ensure that we got fucked

And frankly I was disappointed
by her complete lack of sincerity

And now I’m considered a registered sex offender
just for trying to make her happy

Politics are truly a strange beast

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